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          Hello, and welcome to our homepage.   We are "Vani", a musical group from Houston, Texas.  Our musical tastes range from American Rock to Ragas of India.  "Vani" has been doing a spiritually orientated fusion since 1998 with a European tour and numerous USA shows to their credit.

We are (rear L to R) Gus Buzbee, Bob Goldman (front L to R) David Courtney, Chandrakantha Courtney,

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We will be performing at the Ifest in Houston.  This will be on Friday, April 29th at 1:00pm. This will be a free performance. For more information please check out:


   Check out our CD, "The Realm of Raga Rock"




What is Raga Rock?

          Raga Rock is a genre of music which is a mixture of Indian and American influences.   This description may sound like the usual round of fusion, but it is not.   Most of what is called fusion today is heavily influenced by modern jazz.   Although we are not maligning modern jazz, it does tend to be obscure and inaccessible.   The resulting fusion is often even more difficult to relate to.

          Raga Rock is a very accessible genre which traces its roots back to the 1960s.   Artists such as the "Beatles" and the "Incredible String Band" all produced some fine raga rock.   A classic example is Norwegian Wood by the "Beatles".

Highlights - Highlights of our European tour

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2000 Europe Tour - Check out some snaps from our 2000 European tour

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Bhageshree Tarana


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